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Joomla is written in PHP and stores pattern in MS SQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL database. Web developers and webmasters are quite fond of creating websites on Joomla. Today we have some of the best Joomla hosting companies that are pocket-friendly and offer great features:

Best Managed Joomla Hosting - Bisend 64% off

Bisend has been around in the industry for long. They are quite professional while servicing their users and provide you exactly what they offer. They have three plans for users that want to host a website with them on Joomla. The basic plan begins at $10.95 per month, but Bisend is offering it for $3.95 per month. There is the Pro plan which you can subscribe at $5.95 per month (regular price $14.95 per month) and the Business plan which is for $13.95 per month (regular price $21.95 per month).

Depending on the plan you pick, you can get features such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites, unlimited email accounts, unlimited SSD disk space, free SSL certificates, and servers that are up to 4 times faster.

All the Bisend yearly services offer a money-back guarantee of 30 days along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Bisend customer and technical support are excellent. The company offers 24/7 technical support through live chat, toll-free telephone and email. Bisend has a name in the industry for offering the best customer and technical support to their users.

The latest deal from Bisend now is their promo at 64% off and make it's managed Joomla hosting low to be $3.95/mo only. Need a Joomla Hosting, check them out.

Best Joomla Hosting - InMotion Hosting - 50% Off

InMotion Hosting is a privately owned company that was founded in 2001. Their main offices are located in Virginia and California.  They offer unswerving and fast web hosting services to both individuals, big and small businesses. They have a supportive customer support and highly skilled technical staff to take care of their customers. They have two dedicated data centers and serve thousands of customers over the internet.

InMotion offers three types of Joomla business hosting plans. The plans are – Launch, Power and Pro. Launch is priced at $7.99 per month. And the latest Inmotion Hosting promo will make the final price low to $3.99 per month. The other two plans also get a similar discount. InMotion offers features such as unlimited websites, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email, unlimited disk space, marketing tools, security suite, pro-level support, 4x performance and more.

Their subscribers get to use the cPanel, free one-click installer for Joomla website, free site transfer, free SSD drives, IMAP email and more. One of the best features they offer is the Max Speed Zone technology which protects the users from downtime. This enables the websites to run 6 times faster than the usual speed.

They also offer exceptional customer and technical support. They have superb user reviews about having a skilled and helpful staff.

Cheap Joomla Hosting - BlueHost  64% Off

Bluehost offers excellent security features and alleviates the speed of your Joomla website. They have a strong hold in the industry of web host providers because they happen to be amongst the best. There are four plans that they offer to their users – Basic, Plus, Choice Plus and Pro. The Basic plan usually comes at 7.99 per month however with the latest Bluehost coupon, you will get the plan for as cheap as $2.95 per month. The offer extends to the other three plans also.

It offers multiple domains, large disk space and bandwidth, one-click SimpleScripts installer for Joomla, unlimited websites, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited SSD storage, free SSL certificates, spam experts, domain privacy, site backup, dedicated IP, free mailbox for 30 days and more. The features depend on the type of plan that you are subscribing to.

They use advanced technologies to speed up the website and email as much as 600% faster compared to the other web hosts. This is done by locating data as close as possible to the reader by anchoring to several data centers and the peering network connection technology. Bluehost invests a large sum of money in maintaining and upgrading their data centers and network infrastructure. For now - Bluehost servers are enterprise-level SSD database storage DELL and HP branded powered by PHP7, HTTP/2 and NGINX+ caching. Their capacity offered is 64TB SATA 6GB/s 3.5″ drives. Their CPU is 16-Core AMD Opteron @ 2.4GHz and RAM 256GB DDR3-1600 ECC/REG SDRAM.

Visi< and claim for 64% off deal now.

Important Requirements to Pick the Best Joomla Hosting

Joomla is an award-winning CMS that has been gaining popularity by the day. It has won more than 20 awards in the last decade. Because it offers the source code for free along with unrestricted rights to the software, it is quite popular. It has multilingual capabilities which have made it popular across the globe. There are some requirements that a Joomla web host should be offering to its customers. We reviewed many Joomla hosts considering points like performance, price, features offered, etc. and found three best options for you:

100% Joomla Compatible

There are some preconditions that should be considered by all Joomla web hosting providers to ensure error-free installation. Here is the list:

  • The latest version of PHP 7.2  is recommended and that of SQL 5.6
  • The latest advanced Apache web server that is supported by mod_mysql, mod_xml, mod_zlib, and mod_rewrite extensions.
  • suPHP acts as the handler of PHP and allows Joomla to implement and upload files with secure permission.
  • Bisend Joomla hosting fulfills all these basic requirements along with others that will help in creating a powerful and customer friendly website in no time. You will also get several helpful features that will help you manage your Joomla website with ease.

Ultimate Ease of Use

Manual installation of Joomla is time-consuming and needs technical skills. A good Joomla hosting provider will offer one-click installer. Besides this, a user-friendly control panel ensures that the domains, accounts, emails, websites, etc. of the user are well managed. Hosting providers offering cPanel should be preferred.

Joomla Related Support Service

Most web hosting service providers offer round the clock service to their customer. However, none of them mention that the issues that are taken care of over the phone are just common hosting problems. Customers that look for answers to their issues regarding Joomla fail to get answers. Therefore a hosting provider that is offering Joomla hosting to its users must employ technical staff with in-depth knowledge on Joomla hosting and how to solve issues related to it.

Good Uptime and Fast Speed

The most important factors while funneling down your choice on a Joomla hosting service provider is to check which one offers speed and uptime. You definitely don’t want to have a website that loads at tortoise speed. You will lose out on your potential customers and your business will incur a loss. You must –

  • Look for the information on their web servers and data centers
  • Monitor their uptime and speed online

How to Speed Up Joomla – Top Useful Tips to Optimize Page Loads

Our users requested us to help them optimize their Joomla website. We consulted with the best Joomla web host providers and met with several Joomla webmasters to learn about their experience with Joomla. We also studied about Joomla deeply to understand how it works best under various circumstances. After learning everything about it, we have compiled for you some points that will help you optimize your Joomla website.

Choose a Fast Joomla Hosting Provider

You may have made your website while being minimalistic, but if your web host is slow, having a minimal site will not help with its speed. Your site will continue to load slow and you will lose on your visitors. The only way to ensure that your Joomla website performs consistently and loads fast is to pick a web host provider that provide good services. We reviewed a couple of hundred Joomla hosting providers for years and found InMotion Hosting and BlueHost to be the top Joomla host providers. InMotion Hosting offers SSD and Max Zone technology to ensure they don’t compromise on performance. They also have two data centers that are equipped superiorly.

Enable Joomla Caching

Caching is a useful concept of showing to a stored version of a web page to a visitor without having to procure it from the database each time the user requests for that page. Without caching feature enabled the Joomla software fetches the content from the database, loads all the plugins, modules and components and performs all the other tasks necessary to bring together the content of the requested page. This process is time-consuming and increases the site loading time. But if caching is enabled, then these actions are stored and the CMS doesn’t have to perform a lengthy process of fetching the data. Visitors can get the stored version of every page which helps in speeding up the working of your website.

Enable Joomla Compression

Enabling the internal Joomla compression is also an easy way to optimize your site. Once this is done every page on the Joomla site will be compressed before it is sent to the visitors or your website. Compression makes the pages to become smaller than their usual size, which enables the page load time to become lesser. Page loads faster than before and ultimately lets your entire website perform better.

Use CDN Service

CDN services or Content Delivery Network service is one of the easiest ways to improve the performance of your Joomla website. There are several web host providing companies that specialize in CDN services. There are many that offer these services for free, take for instant Cloudflare. Web host providers such as Bisend and integrated CDN in their hosting packages, which makes their services quite service friendly.

Add .htaccess Optimization Rules

.htacccess files regulate the way a web server processes a website. Adding certain rules at the end of .htaccess helps in improving the performance of a Joomla website. For instance, expire headers give the users the power to set various expiration times for different file types, ETag informs browsers when a downloaded image can be procured from local browser cache, etc.

Remove Needless and Sub-optimized Extensions

Joomla offers many interesting extensions. You may have downloaded several extensions to optimize your Joomla website. However, remember that every extension that you download needs disk space, server resources, and database to function. Using excessive of anything is bad. Several extensions just make the site size larger and thus slower to load. So if there are any extensions that are sub-optimized and not used, then they should be removed. Ensure that you pick your extensions wisely. You should always check for real user reviews to understand which one is the best.

Reduce Image Size

Reducing the size of the images on your website can help improve the performance of your website because larger images slow down the site and have a negative impact on the user experience. Decreasing the size of the image file with the help of a script or plugin will help in speeding up the page load time. One must also take care that they don’t overload a web page with just images. Controlled image uploads and resizing them can help in optimizing the website.