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As a leader in eCommerce business, Amazon is also well-known for its Kindle eReader, and also online services from EC2, Cloud Storage, CDN, Elastics Load balance, and more.

Wherever you are, you must have heard about Amazon, one of the largest online retailers in the world. On this website you can shop for anything, from a regular notebook to the most expensive computers. A lot of people around the globe are dependent on this internet based company for buying almost everything with promo price.

History and development

In 1994, Jeff Bezos started regretting that he has not yet participated in the boom of internet business. So, he quit his job and started working on a new business idea. Amazon was the result. On July 5 of that year, he incorporated the company as ‘’. Within a year, due to certain reasons, he changed it to ‘’ and the website went online. Starting as an online book store, new products were added with time. The company grew very slowly during the initial years. But, at the beginning of the 21st century, when internet really became popular, growth was unbelievable. By the end of 2001, the company was worth billions. And then it started investing this money by acquiring many small businesses. The list of these acquired businesses is very long and is still growing.

Ideas and Guidelines

The main idea behind this was to become the biggest company in the world. That’s why the name Amazon was chosen; it is the biggest river. Jeff Bezos did not expect any profit during the first 4 to 5 years. And that’s exactly what happened. There was hardly any growth in the company during this period. Even the investors got tired of waiting for any gains, but the real man behind the company did not have second thoughts. He kept on improving the services and adding more products. Finally, the hard work paid off when the actual era of web commerce started. Today Amazon has spread throughout the globe. They deliver products to almost every country. They even allow other sellers to do business through their website. This provides a lot of options for the customers. Along with brand new products, they also sell used ones at lower prices. Amazon has definitely proved to be one of the most innovative companies of this era. The proof of this is their attempt to make the deliveries using drones, in order to get the order to the customers within hours.

Main product lines

The company started with books, which have always been one of the most selling items on the website. In fact, the first thing that anyone buys online is a book in most cases. With time, many new products were added, starting computer games, software and compact discs. They even started selling downloadable audio and videos. Today Amazon even sells toys, clothes, jewelry, food, toys, furniture, etc. Every type of things available on this website is sold in huge quantities. However, the most selling item is electronics. This includes mobile phones, laptops, computer hardware, tablets, gaming console, television and all such things.

Brand niche

The primary focus of the company is on electronics. These are the items that can be offered with highest discounts. Most of the people are buying their phones and tablets online because these things a lot cheaper online as compared to buying them from a local store. The most publicized among electronics is the Amazon Kindle ebook reader. The company also promoted books. There is no doubt that Amazon is among the best places to shop on the internet. They have the largest collection of a very range of products. They have items from every price range and quality. The website is very informative. Everything you need to know about an item before buying it is there. The process of placing order is very simple. Even if you face any problem, you contact them and ask for help. Delivery of the products is also fast. Here you can find lower prices than any other online store. Finally, it can be said the shopping from Amazon is a good decision.