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HostGator is one of the largest web hosts in the industry. Hostgator coupon here will save you big to subscribe to their hosting, VPS and dedicated servers.

HostGator has become one of the biggest and most popular global webhosts. Used by small and big businesses alike, HostGator has been operating since 2002. Its founder and current CEO Brent Oxley had sowed the first seeds of the company when he was in Florida Atlantic University. Today, HostGator‘s services have diversified and expanded to offer VPS, shared, dedicated as well as reseller hosting services. Needless to say, its popularity is greatly because of the affordability of its shared hosting services. 

Price Term with HostGator Coupon

The pricing varies according to the plan you choose or the services you are looking for. HostGator currently offers a 60% off promo on its website, making its plans available for as less as $2.75 a month. Website owners who have already compared hosting plans would realize that this is a great price for the extent of services offered by HostGator.

We are sure you would have noticed that the pricing of these offers are mostly based on a billing cycle that lasts for 24 months. The reason for this is that you get a bigger discount when you decide to choose a plan for a longer time. As a result, you can maximize on the discount you get if you choose a 2-year plan on HostGator.

Given the fact that the plans come with a 45-day money back guarantee entailing no risks or worries for you as the customer, you will have better assurance when choosing the plans. Let us find out more about the money back guarantee and how you can benefit from it.

Safeguarding your purchase with the money-back guarantee

Choosing a webhost is one of the most important things about setting up a website online. Since webhosts and the plans you choose will affect your customer’s experience, your website’s performance and its security, it is important to be sure that you pick the right webhost. This is why HostGator offers a money-back guarantee wherein you have the opportunity of canceling your plan with HostGator within the first 45 days if you are not happy or if you find that the services do not meet your expectations. The money back guarantee does not apply to dedicated servers.

Follow these steps to take advantage of the money-back guarantee:

  1. Visit HostGator’s Terms and Conditions page and scroll down to the section for cancellation and refunds. This section will inform you about all details with respect to the money-back guarantee
  2. Complete the online cancellation form
  3. You will receive an email from HostGator confirming the cancellation. If you do not receive the email then you must call 1-866-964-2867
  4. Send a written request to the HostGator Support Team for the refund
  5. You will receive a refund within 90 days from the day of cancellation

Features Included in HostGator Promo

If you were to compare other webhosts with HostGator, you would realize quickly that Hostgator is one of the most feature-rich webhosts that makes no concessions on making the latest technologies available to its customers.

Each of the three plans is built with a specific customer base in mind to provide maximum benefits to their users whether they are a small, medium, or big business.

  • Hatchling Plan - It targets startups and small business owners who are just getting with their online website.
  • Baby plan – Sitting between the startups and large businesses, are organizations or entrepreneurs who are looking for a range of features in an affordable package. These are the audiences targeted by HostGator’s Baby Plan.
  • Business Plan– This plan is suitable for customers who are looking for a plan that can encompass exhaustive hosting features and provide you with a high quality experience for a complex business model.

Common features available on all the three plans are:

  • A user-friendly cPanel to make administration fairly easy
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth for the smooth running of the website
  • Offers Reseller hosting, VPS hosting, shared hosting as well as dedicated hosting services
  • Round the clock customer support

In order to maximize its reach, HostGator focuses on ensuring compatibility with most PHP-MySQL applications. It works very well for WordPress, Magento, Drupal, osCommerce and websites built on similar applications.

HostGator Plan Review on Reliability & Performance

Having gained traction as a popular webhost throughout the world, Hostgator focuses greatly on offering reliability and high performance to its users. The data centers are strategically placed and equipped with HVAC, backups, and power distribution units. All facilities are monitored with the help of latest technologies and experienced professionals. To understand the extent of security and reliability of HostGator services, let us look at one of its two data centers – CyrusOne Data Center.

CyrusOne Data Center

Located in Houston, Texas, at the CyrusOne Houston West facility, this data center is spread over 300,000 square feet of real estate. The infrastructure has been built to incorporate scalability and to provide HostGator clients with uninterrupted services.

Not only does the infrastructure use monitoring systems of the highest quality, but the facility also has physical security to protect and secure the servers. All services are monitored 24*7 and any security threats or problems are quickly fixed before they become serious.

With the help of on-site professionals, the data center works without a glitch to provide users with maximum uptime.

The second data center is located in Provo Utah and it is built to be an energy-efficient center which works with equal reliability and ensures maximum uptime for the users as well. The infrastructure is monitored by electronic systems as well as by physical security teams to protect the servers in this facility as well.

HostGator Hosting is Ease to use

Every website owner is more likely to invest in a user-friendly host than to choose something that is difficult to understand. This is why we look deeper into HostGator to find out how the cPanel performs and how effectively could it be handled by beginners. We focus at the different areas of administration to identify Hostgator’s ease of use.

  • Installation – Based on a one-click installation model, installing HostGator’s cPanel is usually something that you wouldn’t even realize. In most cases, the cPanel is pre-installed and you would be able to get started with managing your website without difficulties. In the rare occasion that it is not installed, you just have to download it from HostGator’s official website and run the script on your website’s platform.
  • Website management – The cPanel will mostly be used for this task. From managing emails to regularly backing up your files and database, the cPanel makes sure that you can easily navigate through its menu and manage your website and emails without problems.
  • Portability – If you ever decide to take your website to another host, then it is important to easily port your website to the new host without losing any files. HostGator ensures this by providing quality portability services for both incoming as well as outgoing users.
  • Beginner Friendliness – The most important question to ask is if the overall experience is friendly enough for a beginner to comfortably handle it. The answer is that HostGator’s cPanel is very user-friendly and it does not come with a steep learning curve at all. As a result, new users can quickly navigate through the menu and manage their websites without problems.

HostGator Review on Customer Service

While user-friendliness is an important deciding factor when choosing a webhost, customer service is equally important. HostGator currently has a very strong customer support team. The entire team is based out of the USA and the staff is very polite, professional and knowledgeable. Whether you deal with the team over the phone, by email or through chat, you will find that they are quick to respond and handle customer concerns very efficiently. Here some deeper details about the customer support services offered by HostGator.

Phone Support

With a well-appointed customer support team, HostGator is known to resolve customer problems quickly and satisfactorily. The customer support team is available 24*7 in order to ensure that problems can be solved immediately. The toll-free customer service number is 1-866-964-2867.

Live Chat Support

If you find it easier to get help through a chat, then HostGator has a live chat support option too. When you are logged in to your account on HostGator, you can use the chat window to begin chatting with a service representative and get the help required from them.

Ticket and Email Support

If your concern does not require immediate attention, you have the option to raise a ticket so that the customer support team can get back to you with a solution. You also have the option of sending an email to the customer support team detailing the problem you are facing. All tickets and emails should include such information necessary to identify your account on HostGator. The Turn-Around-Team for open tickets and emails is 12 hours.

Tutorials and Forums

For customers looking for quick information about a certain feature on HostGator or to learn how to use a specific feature, tutorials and forums can be very helpful. HostGator has a large community of users and many of them are active on the forum. Easy help is available from other users who have faced similar problems in the past. Tutorials can be used to increase your understanding of specific features or services offered by HostGator.

Claim HostGator Coupon now!

After carefully reviewing HostGator and comparing it with other popular web hosts, we can confidently conclude that HostGator is an excellent web host for small, medium and large businesses. With a broad range of features, excellent customer support, user-friendly administrative tools and robust infrastructure, HostGator assures its customers of quality services at an affordable rate. It definitely worth to check out Hostgator coupon in above.