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If you're interested in web hosting, you might have stumbled across the name Linode. The company had made its name in cloud and VPS hosting options. Founded in 2003, the company has ever since grown into a big corporation. Linode has worldwide customers in 131 countries and is still expanding. With this Linode review, we will try to figure out how effective Linode is in terms of features, reliability, usability, customer support, and pricing options.

Headquartered in New Jersey, US, Linode is a Linux-based VPS web hosting service provider. It is well-known in the web hosting industry for its fast, easy, and consistent VPS solutions. In addition, Linode has made VPS solutions quite affordable for almost everyone.

Outstanding VPS Features

Linode VPS offers freedom and user-friendly solutions and features. The company provides its customers with the most advantageous tools and services, making sure that customers have everything they need to get an improved experience. To do that, the Linode VPS solution comprises a lot of comprehensible features:

  • The complete SSH and root access with 8 processor Xen instances
  • 40Gbps all through with multiple levels of redundancy.
  • Provide dedicated IP address, premium bandwidth, and out of band console access with Lish.
  • High availability and clustering support, transfer pooling and managed DNS with API
  • Multiple options to choose from 10 data centers in the 3 regions of the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific

Furthermore, customers will have access to server resources, and will not be impacted by the other accounts as Linode has incorporated Xen hypervisor technology into its VPS solution. When it comes to pricing, Linode offers affordable solutions, for instance, Linode basic plan Linode 4GB includes 4GB RAM, 2 CPU Core, 80 GB SSD Storage, 4 TB transfer, 40Gbps Network In, and 4000 Mbps Network, and the price is $20 per month only.


The monthly pricing plans for Linode hosting services start from $5 per month for 1 GB, and customers can pick their plan based on monthly, yearly, or 2-year payment terms. You will not be charged for any setup and inbound data transfer. Furthermore, new customers at Linode get 7 days money back. Some might find it very short for money back guarantee; however, at least there is a money back guarantee policy in place.

Overall, Linode offers three types of hosting plans, including Standard VPS plans, Dedicated CPUs plans, and High memory plans. The Standard plans offers 5 options, from 1 GB RAM to 16 GB RAM. Linode's 5 dedicated CPU plans are offered between 4GB to 64GB. High memory plans offers 5 options, ranging from 24 GB to 300 GB. They also offer GPU plans, which are the most expensive plans.

Speed and Uptime

Linode offers a standard 99.9% uptime guarantee for its customers. Usually, the uptime performance is always a step ahead of its guarantee. Customers also get to enjoy fast loading time and enhanced speed for their website. However, the company doesn't seem to share uptime data, even though it looks as if these can be activated using a customer's VPS if that's what you want to do.

Linode guarantees 99.9% uptime because it has:

  • Powerful hardware in place - Linode makes use of only the best quality hardware, industry-leading storage, top network structuring, Intel Xeon processors, battery-supported hardware RAID, and incredible network tubes.
  • Multiple data centers - At Linode, customers can choose where their data would be located by choosing one of 10 data centers in different parts of the world including the USA, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

Customer Support Services

When you are working with VPS hosting, you are bound to face some issues at some point in time. Linode's customer support team is accessible 24/7. You can contact them through email, phone, chat, or support ticket. Linode claims to have experienced professionals to provide guidance whenever their customers are having troubles with their hosting environment. Moreover, Linode also offers guides and tutorials together with community forums with tons of resources to help customers find the best solution for their problems.


Linode uses its own control panel. It is simple and easy to use. Customers can reboot and rebuild VPS, and also display the status of CPU, network, and IO. When it comes to managing and controlling of the domain, database, or email, Linode can also install other conventional control panels, such as cPanel, or DirectAdmin with extra pay.

Likely Drawback

When it comes to Linode, there is perhaps only one possible drawback. Linode doesn't comprise a server control panels such as cPanel or Plesk into their pricing plans. Those who are familiar with Linux such as Apache, server package management, etc. can use Linode VPS without any problem. While the technical people won't have any problem with that, the same can't be said for non-technical people. However, at present, Linode is claiming that cPanel & WHM, is now free to Linode Managed customers.


To sum up, Linode is highly recommended for web developers, tech experts, and all types of business organizations. It is a very effective and trustworthy platform that allows full customization of the services. It works consistently to meet the demands and expectations of its customers. To know more visit Linode's official page and also check out Linode coupon above to save $10.