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MediaTemple is a business hosting provider, and coupon or promo code here will be the best way to save some bucks when enjoying their service.

Media Temple is a web hosting service provider that has a team of professional and experienced individuals. It has been in business for nearly 15 years. As of now, throughout the 100 countries worldwide, the company has managed to serve over 1.5 million websites along with 125,000 registered customers. Furthermore, they have a wide variety of customers, including prominent bloggers and proficient webmasters to the small businesses and large business organizations such as Adidas, Samsung, Toyota and more. So let's start with this review and see if this company is an exciting choice for those looking for a reputed and reliable web hosting service provider.

Media Temple Hosting Pricing and Plans

Media Temple offers one shared hosting solution called Grid, with three plans including Personal, Pro, and Elite. The personal plan is accessible at $20 per month. Some might find it costly than other service providers, and thus the company has also issued yearly, two years and three years billing terms, starting at $16.67 per month, $15.83 per month, and $15 per month. You can save up to $60 per year.

On the other hand, such an expensive hosting service plan doesn't consist of domain registration charges. You would have to pay separately for a new domain name, which would be at $15 on a yearly basis. Furthermore, if you want to access more advanced features such as CloudTech Security Pack, SSL Certificate, and Site Migration, you would have to pay $19 per month, $75 per year, and $150 per month respectively.

Many companies offer a money back guarantee. But that is not the case with Media Temple. According to the company's terms and conditions, there would be no refund in case any account is canceled. What's more, the company also has a list of items that are absolutely non-refundable together with domain name registration and redemption charges, setup fees, renewal fees, and more. Looking back at various non-refundable items and no money back guarantee, Media Temple doesn't seem to be quite an affordable service provider.

Media Temple Hosting Features

Media Temple offers a variety of hosting solutions, each claiming to deliver excellent performance. The Grid plan features the premium storage of 100 GBs together with 1 TB of short-path bandwidth, 100 distinctive websites, 2,000 GPUs, 100 databases, and 1,000 email inboxes. All these features can be satisfactory for most of the websites. The Grid solution also features the pre-installed versions PHP 7.0.2, Perl v5.10.1, Python v3.1.3, Apache 2.2.22, MySQL 5.6.x, Git, and SVN 1.7.4. Certainly, Grid plan is a decent and secure choice for hosting the WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla websites.

Grid plan offers another noteworthy feature in the form of the control panel. The Grid Control Panel is a custom all-in-one hosting control panel inside the Media Temple account management center. cPanel is the most widespread control panel in the world, and it has the largest number of users. A lot of web developers use cPanel to manage their websites, and it can be very time-consuming to move from cPanel to a new custom control panel of Media Temple. Also, Media Temple does not provide a tutorial on how to use their custom control panel.

It would be better to think twice before hiring the services of Media Temple. Other than the fact that it offers only a few features and less-user-friendly control panel, things are not that great with its email service either. Email glitches are one of the most common problems faced by many users.

Media Temple Hosting Speed and Uptime

Media Temple has many highly advanced data centers established in Virginia and California. They have great power and cooling capacity. All the centers are secured and running 24/7 throughout the year. As a result, Media Temple claims to guarantee 100% uptime for its users' websites.

Media Temple has also assured that all its hardware, software, and infrastructure network have been sensibly designed to achieve the best possible speed along with the highest level of consistency. In addition, it provides CloudFlare with Railgun, which is used to increase the speed of the websites to a great extent. At present, all MySQL SmartPool servers are supported by SSDs with the intention of sorting out all database matters that can decelerate the website speed.

Technical Support

The technical support team of Media Temple is qualified and well-informed. If you are having any technical difficulties, you can contact the support staff and get your problems resolved. You can contact them through a variety of means including chat, email, tweets, phone, and by sending a support request. Moreover, the webmasters can look for help using their wide-ranging resources, including knowledge base and forums. Its knowledge base service provides users with do-it-yourself tips, tricks, and instructions. You can enter your query in the search box and available results will appear pertaining to your query.

Based on many users' comments, it is believed that the technical team responds in 20 minutes or more to users' request. Also, the company promises to connect with users in 20-hours responding to support tickets. However, usually, the users only get the preformatted replies, or a web link to the knowledge base is provided after 20 hours.

It also looks as if all staff can access their users' information as many customers have felt that the company's employees change the files without their clients' consent.

Media Temple Coupon

Despite the high price and some flaws, Media Temple seems to be a safer choice for web hosting. However, with your Media Temple coupon, you can get their services at some very affordable rates and that too without creating a dent in your wallet.